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ALLU attachments are designed to operate in demanding environments on demanding materials. For over 30 years our products have been known for their quality, reliability and efficiency.

GHE is proud to be one of the strategic partners and also the exclusive distributor of ALLU products in Vietnam.

ALLU Transformer products

The ALLU Transformer is built for efficiency. By reducing the number of process steps needed, this hydraulic attachment enables you to achieve maximum efficiency on job sites, across all kinds of applications. The Transformer will truly transform the way you work - forever.

Ứng dụng cho nông nghiệp
Landscaping & Agriculture
Khai thác mỏ
Earthmoving & Mining processes

ALLU services

ALLU mang đến những dịch vụ bảo hành cũng như hỗ trợ kỹ thuật tốt nhất nhằm đảo bảo độ bền thiết bị và mang lại năng suất cao cho doanh nghiệp